The RX-Vision Concept – For Wankel Lovers

The RX-Vision Concept – For Wankel Lovers

Mazda, the only car manufacturer able to make commercially viable Wankel rotary engines has unveiled the RX-VISION rotary concept in Geneva in a European premiere. Connecting with its rich legacy of RX-badged production models, the RX-VISION also symbolises a powertrain concept that is part of challenger brand’s soul.

The RX-Vision’s looks intent to ‘ooze performance, with an exclusive rendition of the KODO – Soul of Motion design philosophy’.


There have been many evolutions of Mazda’s rotary RX series. The oil-burning technology leaves some underwhelmed but Mazda continue to pursue performance incarnations of their rotary powertrain.

The Rotary Engine in Principle.


Mazda’s Long History with Wankel Powered Cars.

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