Latest Presidential Limo Makes the Centenary for Cadillac

The latest US President’s Limo has been unveiled and it’s a testosterone-enhanced World-domination wagon. The increased threat of terrorism and other risks over recent years mean the once sleek and glamourous state transport is now a unique balance of prestige and bomb protection.

Every pillar is about six inches across and whilst steps have been taken to reduce the visual impact of the oversize features, you still get the sense the window apertures were carved out of a block of metal. The original concept of a car that let the people see the man at the top has been almost entirely replaced by a new meaning – showing the people the President-in-kind: the car that carries him. The thick glass and small windows mean it’s almost impossible to see the President.

The photos released to the World seem to carry a few deliberate tweaks to mislead. The glass may not be translucent when in use and certain elements of the photos are falsehoods. The mutant tyres are badged ‘Goodyear Regional RHS‘ which is an unremarkable truck tyre; the truth is more likely to be a complex run-flat, bullet proof, non-pneumatic tyre.

This latest incarnation marks 100 years for the American prestige brand. Some of the photos here reveal just how much has changed – from the image of the President on tour to the visual implications of security over time.

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