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Here you'll find the latest technical developments in the world of car design and related fields. Select a headline to read the full article.

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Visteon Designs for Chinese Specific Requirements
Visteon China Technical Center introduces its first integrated navigation system tailored for the China automotive market

Mazda Push Lightweight Solutions
The Japanese firm is developing innovative ways to reduce weight on its vehicles

Volvo C70 gets top result in recent crash test
Top Safety Pick award for convertible

Four Decades of Rotary Propulsion
Mazda Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Rotary Engine Vehicle

Metal Nanotechnology Research Accelerated
Ford is to accelerate its nanotechnology research into lighter weight metals and plastics

World's First Plug-In Fuel Cell Hybrid Car
Ford unveils the first 'driveable' vehicle powered by new technologies that can be charged locally

All Mazdas Now iPod Compatible
Keenly aware of their youthful customers, the Japanese firm continues to appeal to lifestyle customers

New Safety Technology Works Before an Accident
The Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe system anticipates imminent risks

Super-Size Customers mean Bigger Dummies
Plus-size cyber-mannequins help designers create interiors that are compatible with America’s growing population.

Volvo previews new collision warning technology
Automatic warning and braking system is revealed

Volvo Picks Up Green Performance Awards
The Swedish manufacturer takes 16 gold medals at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Paris

Multi-Fuel Vehicle & Collision Warning System
Volvo unveil their latest contribution to 'sustainable mobility'

GM, DC & BMW Announce Hybrid Breakthrough
A coalition of three manufacturers has brought a substantial advance in hybrid engine technology

Panda Hydrogen
Fiat's alternative fuel vehicle aims to match traditional petrol performance

Ford Expands FlexiFuel Offering
Alternative fuel system increases in use across Europe

New technologies as standard on Fords
Voice control and wireless connectivity systems to be available on most vehicles

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