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November 05, 2002

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'BMW CleanEnergy - Hydrogen Drives the Future' a new web-based educational resource designed for use in secondary schools throughout the U.K. is launched today and is available at

The resource looks at the use of fossil fuels both past and present and the impact this has on society, on transport and the environment. It also looks at renewable energy forms and takes a look into the future - a future which demands a continual move towards cleaner energy and, ultimately, the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

'Hydrogen Drives the Future' is the second element of the 'BMW CleanEnergy' education programme. In April this year the 'Hydrogen Power' video was produced to coincide with the BMW CleanEnergy World Tour which visited London to champion hydrogen as the fuel of the future. The video explored the issues of liquid hydrogen and its use as a fuel within the internal combustion engine.

The new resource will be used by teachers of Science, Citizenship and Environmental Studies and is designed for use in secondary schools. As from September 2002, Citizenship has become a compulsory part of the secondary school curriculum and Hydrogen Drives the Future is particularly appropriate for use in this area.

BMW Group has researched applications of hydrogen in the combustion engine for over 25 years. A fleet of prototype hydrogen cars clocked up over 125,000 trouble-free miles during 2001 and proved that hydrogen can be realised as an energy source both technically and feasibly. The change from an energy economy based on fossil fuels to one based on alternative energy requires more than just convincing products. A change in the mindset of the younger generation needs to be developed and nurtured.

"There is wide agreement that hydrogen is a fuel of the future" said Jim O'Donnell, Managing Director of BMW Great Britain. "It will probably be the fuel used by young people when they grow up and drive cars. We hope that both the video and the new web-based resource will raise the issue and stimulate debate and enquiry."


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