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May 18, 2002

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The resurgence of 1980's pop music, films and memorabilia has extended onto the used car market with some models going faster than Bonnie Tyler's hairspray supply.

There has been a 300% increase in demand for certain 1980's models on the Fish4cars website, making the next eighties trend to hit the streets being 1980s cars like the Lotus Esprit and the Porsche 911.

This coincides with many other Eighties' style cues being resurrected, top 1980's TV shows enjoying a second lease of life on TV and the return of the shoulder pad to the catwalk - the decade's influences are definitely making a come back.

Many motorists looking for something a little bit different are turning their attention to cars built in the eighties. Andy Mills, an IT consultant, bought a 1985 Porsche 911 in September 2001, as he liked the design of the classic Porsche.

"My Porsche is part fun car and part investment. The car should appreciate in value rather than depreciate. It needed a few minor body repairs and its value has now increased by 3,000 since I bought it. The car epitomises the fun and glamour of the 1980's," said Andy.

Top 1980's classic cars:

The following five classic Eighties cars that are guaranteed to make a style statement and are increasingly gaining cult status, so can make a promising financial investment.

1) The Lotus Esprit - remembered as James Bond's sports car in For Your Eyes Only 1983, the Esprit embodies the bold, brash style of the 1980s. You can pick up a well-tuned 1983 Lotus Esprit that is guaranteed to turn heads from 8,000. A bargain piece of classic sports engineering and a 'Bond on a Budget' motoring investment.

2) The Porsche 911 - the 1980s 911 was the epitome of 80s excess. The combination of superb engineering and state of the art design helped the 911 reach iconic status. A 1980s Porsche 911 represents great value for money compared with newer models, with a 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Sport on sale for just over 12,000.

3) The convertible VW Golf GTI - in the early 1980s the Golf caught the imagination of the British public as an aspirational Yuppie car. Even today the Mark I Golf GTI is the definitive 'Hot Hatch'. It has a perfect power to weight ratio and in recent tests beat 10 new hot hatchbacks in a 0 - 60 challenge". 1980s Golf GTIs in good condition are regularly on sale for less than 5,000.

4) The DeLorean - with its distinctive 'gull wing' doors and polished stainless steel bodywork, the DeLorean was unveiled at the 1981 Motor Show at Earls Court, but only a limited number were ever produced before the company went bankrupt. Famed for its ability to transport Michael J Fox through time in the 1985 blockbuster 'Back to the Future', demand for the quintessential 1980's car skyrocketed after the film. Lucky DeLorean owners can take a nostalgic trip in their DMC-12 - one of the most unusual and eye-catching motor vehicles ever produced.

According to Fish4Cars publisher Russell Scott, "The bad news is that they are rare and you'll need to be patient until one comes up for sale. The good news though is that when they do, the left hand drive models are often priced at 15,000 or less. That's a bargain considering that to make a similar impact with a new car you'd be spending a great deal more."

5) The Sierra Cosworth - the Sierra Cosworth has a massive racing pedigree and made a name for itself on the track. Built as a racing car for the road, models like the RS500 offer exceptionally high performance with outrageous Eighties styling. The rear spoiler was so big it coined the phrase 'whale tail'. You can pick up a good condition 1987 Cosworth for around 11,000.0


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