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21st June 2007

DesignworksUSA Teams up with Yacht Company

BMW's design group partners with Zeydon to produce a 'luxury sports cruiser'

bmwzeydonyacht1_600bmwzeydonyachtdeck_400'Luxury Sports Cruiser' is perhaps a term BMW would more likely use to refer to some kind of SUV. However, BMW DesignworksUSA has worked with Belgian boatbuilder Zeydon to produce a 60-foot class yacht that is designed to bridge the gap between performance sailing and luxury yachting.

Designworks is BMW's wholly owned subsidiary that not only works on BMW brand projects and vehicles but also works independently as a design house. Designworks has bases in Los Angeles, Singapore and Munich and works for a number of big names from the field of IT and consumer electronics, aviation, lifestyle and medical industries.

The Zeydon Z60, an offshore yacht of the 60-foot class, combines the sailing performance potential of an offshore yacht with an 'uncompromising' range of equipment and the elegance of a modern luxury cruiser. DesignworksUSA was incorporated into the conceptual work during the initial phase of the project. It is believed that partnering in the project from the very beginning ensures that all requirements - both for performance and luxury - can be incorporated with minimal compromise.

Both concept and design of the Zeydon Z60 focused on eliminating the ever-increasing contrast between offshore yachts and luxury cruisers - whilst at the same time creating a unique combination of design attributes.

'Regatta-oriented functionality' and 'effortless handling' are combined with a generously designed deck area and a range of features only previously found on larger yachts. The design is accentuated by the exterior form of the Zeydon Z60. The styling of the hull and the superstructures emphasize dynamism. The high-quality materials and styling focus on precision and optimal performance right down to the smallest detail. The emphasis on high design quality is in line with the Zeydon Warf’s aspiration to achieve a high standard of workmanship coupled with innovative manufacturing methods.



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