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Royal College of Art Vehicle Design Show 2006

Article by Roland Emrich Link:

This year's RCA Vehicle Design show proved to be an exciting and well rounded exhibition of work with real breadth and strong ideas. The three separate 'pathways', or design directions, determined the thinking and purpose behind the work. The 'pathways' concept also meant that projects covered several key aspects of transport design - branding and trends, materials and technologies and mobility and movement.

Models were well executed whilst renderings and illustrations maintained the strong level of visual competence that is to be expected. Several students produced comprehensive digital models and presentations which complimented their displays well.

The strong sense of art over engineering was clear with some students proposing the use of materials more akin to craft than vehicle production. However, this did not detract from the designs, rather it extended the range of ideas present.

Automark Inside Out Urban Flow
Joel Bridge
Philip Gillman
Michale Illukiewicz
Jonathan Punter
Bruce Thomson
Shlomy Abu-Nakhla
Enrico Gualersi
Zoo Park
Uros Pavasovic
Shingo Takeda
Simon Greaves
Jose Ramon Lopez Gonzalo
Johan Jonsson
Abhishek Pratap
Ramon Torrent

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