Royal College of Art Vehicle Design Show 2004

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There are several key graduate shows for vehicle and transport design around the World but it is often the RCA that generates the most international attention. This year, as with most, the bulk of the work is four-wheeled but there are one or two exceptions.

In this feature, images of work are paired with students' own descriptions of the aims and intentions of their projects.

Jussi Timonen:


"ONE AIM is a tribute to the Japanese supercar tradition. Japanese design heritage is interpreted with a 'Samurai helmet' look, creating a clear dominating message, combined with the advanced seating concept of Formula One cars. ONE AIM is based upon the dimensions and proportions of Toyota's Formula One TF-103."

Tiago Dias:


"Flow is a rental vehicle designed to be available to the cultural tourist that travels to Portugal with the intent of experiencing the country at a deeper cultural and social level.. ..With plenty of open areas and easy egress design, this vehicle would provide a unique holiday experience."

Heung-Soo Kim:

Pleasure Before Your Eyes

"My vehicle explores light and colour, using the elements as ornament and as a means of enhancing vehicular communication. The project particularly addresses the widespread feeling of complexity and confusion caused by existing car interiors and their instrument panels."

Dimitris Zacharapoulos:

The Zen Box

"My project deals with duality, a major characteristic of Japanese culture and lifestyle. The concept utilises the potential value of unused space in modern cities - the parked commercial vehicle.. ..Aesthetically, the exterior is influenced by Japanese woodcraft techniques, with a corrugated structure reflecting security for both parcel and occupant."

Panos Karras:

Citroën Anesis

"The idea is to bring functionality into sports cars that are traditionally perceived as highly selfish and irrational in their concept.

"..The environment of the passenger cabin along with the position of the engine define the exterior design of the vehicle. The seating position is close to the riding position of a bike.

"The exterior design reflects the philosophy that Citroën wants to achieve for its cars. It introduces a new language that is a combination of geometric shapes with more emotional lines."

Milko Ozlu:

U-Scull, a submerging rowing boat

"U-Scull is a new type of human powered sports-submarine that operates in shallow depths. Two users propel its oars by a sliding seat motion similar to that of sculling. With a scuba diving license and a short introduction course, the passengers are ready to hit the water."

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