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Following on from the 1999 Seoul Motor Show star, the Daewoo Mirae, the new Musiro is a further evolution of the 'designed around you' Versatile Sports Car (VSC) concept from the dedicated team at the UK based Daewoo Worthing Technical Center. Unlike Mirae (Korean for 'future'), intended for 2010, Musiro (Korean for 'anytime') is a car for the here and now. Engineered around a production platform the Musiro is could be production ready in 18 months. Although the future of the company may be uncertain, the Musiro reflects the confidence and talent of the staff at Worthing.

Designed under Chris Milburn - Design Manager, and built in the UK, it offers the practicality of an MPV within a beautiful sports coupe profile. Including a fully automated retractable folding roof, it is both closed coupe and open 4 seat sports - the best of both worlds. With a long folding load floor, folding and sliding seats, innovative specification, and inclusion of ingenious storage volumes, it can be a car for virtually all occasions.


Exterior work was started and a series of proposals created digitally via ALIAS, a process that allowed the digital proposals to be milled as scale models. After a period of manual evolution of the clay models, one proposal by Spanish designer Juan Jose Delhom was chosen for full-size development.

The scanned model was developed digitally with more detailed engineering data, then milled using WTC's own highly versatile TARUS mobile mill - the only one of it's type outside America. More surface full size refinement in clay occurred and the exterior was signed off . Around this time a program was initiated to develop an interior proposal. A concept based on the Daewoo Mirae interior by the same designer, Paul Wraith, was chosen. Leading an experienced team the work begun in earnest. The interior followed a more digitally advanced development process. Due to a very short development window WTC staff decided to design and engineer the whole interior on computer and use this data to mill the moulds from which prototype components could be taken. A high risk strategy, but one with the digital process experience WTC has, that could be taken with confidence. Alterations would be difficult to make, confidence was needed in all components before data was released. This same engineering and evaluation data was to be used finally to constructed by Digital Designer Alex Daniel in to a short animation to support the car at the Birmingham Motor show, showing some of the details and versatility not easy to display on the final show vehicle.

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