Coventry University Transport Design / Consumer Product Design
MDes Degree Show 2004

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The culmination of four years work by students of Coventry University's Transport and Consumer Product Design courses was shown recently in the heart of the British motor city. This year's work was strong and well finished with some excellent examples of diverse thinking and research. Project topics ranged from relatively conservative forays into luxury, sports and brand to more innovative investigations into urban transport, street culture and even sound.

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Craig Dent looked specifically at the types of motorcycle currently used by s and dispatch riders. Investigations focussed on the appeal of popular bikes and their key benefits as well as how they could be improved upon and developed more specifically for their purpose. The end product is a bike that combines intelligent storage with a low centre of gravity and dynamic styling.

Translating music into form was the aim of Allan Dransfield with his Sonic City vehicle. By looking at the way music is interpreted through a variety of means and media, including dance and sculpture, a series of design studies were developed into the form and styling of the vehicle. Asymmetrical and fluid in line and surface, the vehicle is fresh and interesting.

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