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Coventry Transport & Product Design Show 2007


This year's show was made up of a large volume of work and showed an increasing emphasis on CAD and the use of Alias. There were some excellent ideas present at the show and as always it was difficult for individual students to get all their ideas across in the limited time and space involved in a graduation show.

Many students produced a full range of work - including flat work, CAD and clay model - at a very high level. The only disappointing aspect was that outside assistance with model making seems to be reducing the level playing field and making it harder to accurately compare one student's efforts against another's [comment].

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Left: Daniel Clucas: 'Vehicle for a doomed future', a car designed to deal with the most severe environments.

Below left: Marcus Rayner: Road Train Australia - Diesel-Steam hybrid designed to travel from one side of Australia to the other

Below: Richard Nicholas: 'Who Needs Youth?' - a car designed for long distance travel that is inclusive and aims to appeal to '3rd age users'.

Bottom left: Aidan Stonehouse: Emphasising 'contemporary muscularity' this car is intended to be the brother of the R8.

Bottom Right: Ashley May: 'Invert' - an expandable, flexible sleeper vehicle, a dynamic alternative to typical campers and motorhomes.

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