Coventry University Automotive, Transport & Industrial Design Show 2005

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This year's Coventry undergraduate show brings together the work of more students than before. The show offers the usual mix of traditional and less conventional approaches and as always that product-industrial-transport design crossover that is unique to the university.

This year's show incorporates the new Automotive Design BA and is the first under the new head of industrial design, Chris Johnson. Johnson - a former industry man, for his part, promises bigger and better shows in the future..

Images © Brian Clough

Left: Krzystof Szews' BMW Momentum GT - a '2+2 grand tourer concept with a unique front-mid mounted 10-cylinder boxer engine'.

Below left: Design for the Playstation Generation by Ian Gray. Gray's vehicle references the strong graphic feel of game vehicles to develop the aesthetic of his design.

Below: Ford city car by Bustami Pollard. This vehicle looks at future, cleaner, public forms or transport and is visually inspired by 'sculpture, interior design and architecture'.

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