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Volkswagen AAC
The Advanced Activity Concept (AAC) combines the functions of a pick-up with the luxury of a top-class saloon.

The A-posts are steeply raked, the side windows form a single visual unit and the C-posts which slope down at an angle to the load platform are all significant styling elements that combine to suggest something of a coupe body style. The load-area cover, with its end panel that echoes the slope of the C-posts, adds emphasis to the sporting side of the AAC's character.

Black Alcantara material enhances the appearance of the upper door trim panels and dashboard. The same material is used for the headliner. Below the windows there are aluminum strips in the door trims that are repeated at the appropriate height on the dashboard. All the elements below these strips are trimmed in high-quality leather, color "Teak".

A cold-store box has been integrated into the lower part of the center console. Above the switch panel is a navigation system with a 7-inch color screen that comes to life when the ignition is switched on. There is a multifunctional navigation guidance display which also shows which of the AAC's off-road settings are in use.

Since the special rear side doors mean that the body has no B-posts, Volkswagen has given the AAC front seats with the seat belt mounts integrated into the upper part of the seat back. Despite the absence of B-posts, the body's passive safety is unaffected: by way of the door locks, the roof and floor pan are pinned rigidly together.

The AAC concept car has independent suspension with double wishbones at all four wheels. Air suspension with three position settings provides optimum ride conditions both on and off the road. It remains at the centre height setting during the standard driving programme, but can be lowered by a significant amount when driving at high speed. On rough terrain, on the other hand, the suspension can be fully raised. The difference between the lowest and highest air suspension positions is 110 mm.

Make Volkswagen
Model AAC
Year Shown 2000
Event Detroit
Designer(s) n/a
Type Diesel V10 TDI
Capacity 313 hp
Vehicle Width (mm) n/a
Vehicle Length (mm) n/a

Seating Capacity n/a

Top Speed n/a
0-60 n/a


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