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Renault Zo
With a very strong architectural structure between axles, the Zo combined traditional approaches to small coup» design with less conventional ones. The architectural effect of the side and roll-over structures has been referenced in several other small sports cars since the appearance of the Zo.

- Central driver's seat with one passenger seat set slightly farther back on either side
- Deliberately minimalist equipment: tachometer, fuel gauge and speedometer
- Beetle-wing doors
- Revolutionary suspension system using pneumatic springs combined with a hydraulic pump enabling ride height to be modified in seconds
- Aluminium chassis from the Renault Spider
- F5R 2.0-litre 16V direct-injection engine developing 135bhp
- Proactive automatic transmission

Make Renault
Model Zo
Year Shown 1998
Event Geneva Motor Show
Designer(s) n/a
Type Petrol
Capacity 2.0l 16v / 135bhp
Vehicle Width (mm) n/a
Vehicle Length (mm) n/a

Seating Capacity 3

Top Speed n/a
0-60 n/a


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