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Renault Vel Satis
Designed to celebrate Renault's one-hundredth anniversary, Vel Satis is a luxury four-seater coup» which is avant-garde in its architecture and design. As with its predecessor Initiale, its concept embraces traditional conventions of luxury motoring with fond respect whilst encapsulating that free-spirited creativity which is the very essence of Renault.

Maintaining the theme, a production Vel Satis was launched in 2002.

- Continuous windscreen and glass roof unit
- Hands-free entry card opens doors automatically
- 1,780mm-long side doors with twin-stage parallel opening
- No centre pillar
- DVD system and enhanced GPS navigation offering guidance and tourist information

Make Renault
Model Vel Satis
Year Shown 1998
Event Paris Motor Show
Designer(s) n/a
Type Petrol
Capacity 3.0l V6
Vehicle Width (mm) n/a
Vehicle Length (mm) n/a

Seating Capacity 4

Top Speed n/a
0-60 n/a


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