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3D real time rendering digital mockup  
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Patchwork 3D software from Lumiscaphe company is dedicaded to design center to manage your 3D models coming from CAD sofware on this domain: 
(Hits: 1302 Visit: 0 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 8.00 Date Added: 2007-01-09)

Review Rate
BUNKSPEED is a leading global provider of visualization software and services for design, engineering and marketing. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Cal 
(Hits: 1294 Visit: 0 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2007-01-09)

tutorials models  
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Site of the graphic 3d include:texture models and tutorials free 
(Hits: 1286 Visit: 156 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2005-10-24)

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My website is a gallery of my 3d cardesign works. 
(Hits: 1511 Visit: 163 Rate Num: 2 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 10.00 Date Added: 2005-04-12)

LightWorks rendering engine  
Review Rate
World's leading supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software. Renowned for its physically accurate visuali 
(Hits: 1602 Visit: 245 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 1.00 Date Added: 2004-07-31)

LightWorks-User Content Downloads  
Review Rate
Website specially designed for the 1 million + users of LightWorks-based applications, providing them with a unique service that enhances the value an 
(Hits: 1531 Visit: 225 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2004-07-31)

3D Car Databank  
Review Rate
3D Car at the12 3d Car databank - a great selection of 3d car models to help you build stunning renderings 
(Hits: 1920 Visit: 518 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 10.00 Date Added: 2004-07-19)

VOCMAG - Portail Graphique & multimedia - 2D,3D,  
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French multimedia site. 
(Hits: 1880 Visit: 295 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2003-12-30)

DIS : Digital Image Studios  
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Digital Image Studios, 3D, animation, visual effects, creative development, Avid DS editing, motion capture, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
(Hits: 1542 Visit: 286 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 1.00 Date Added: 2003-12-29)

CAD Information Network - All about automated desi  
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CAD CAM CAE - News And Information On CAD CAM, Automated Design, Technical Drawing, Visualization and Manufacturing. For all your Auto CAD needs, click here! 
(Hits: 1583 Visit: 309 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2003-12-28)



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