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Automotive History  
Review Rate
A brief history of the Automotive form 
(Hits: 4553 Visit: 2146 Rate Num: 2 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 6.00 Date Added: 2004-02-08)

Jensen Cars  
Review Rate
Jensen Cars is dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of autos manufactured by the Jensen Motor Company. Cars supported include the Interceptor, FF, C-V8, 541, Jensen-Healey, Jensen GT and the recently announced S-V8. Site is also home to the Jensen-cars mai 
(Hits: 2348 Visit: 814 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 9.00 Date Added: 2003-12-30)

Toyota Automobile Museum  
Review Rate
Website of the Toyota Automobile Museum incorporating a virtual museum. 
(Hits: 4391 Visit: 1047 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 10.00 Date Added: 2003-12-28)

Riley Motor Cars 1896-1969  
Review Rate
This is a virtual garage where Riley owners and enthusiasts hang out and swap tall tales, ask advise, and answer questions. 
(Hits: 2538 Visit: 702 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 10.00 Date Added: 2003-12-28)

Histories of Great Automotive Companies  
Review Rate
A large number of car companies' origins and histories are explained on this site. 
(Hits: 1844 Visit: 1209 Rate Num: 3 Comments: 1 Rate Ave: 4.00 Date Added: 2003-12-27)

Review Rate
French website covering a wide range of cars. 
(Hits: 2230 Visit: 1044 Rate Num: 6 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 7.17 Date Added: 2003-12-27)

Corvair Corsa  
Review Rate
hundreds of pictures and plenty of information about all Corvairs including the 500, 700, Monza, Spyder and Corsa! 
(Hits: 3857 Visit: 864 Rate Num: 13 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 9.92 Date Added: 2003-12-27)  
Review Rate
A website dedicated to classic cars 
(Hits: 1951 Visit: 859 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 8.00 Date Added: 2003-12-27)

Rootes Group Automobiles  
Review Rate
This website takes a look at some of the now forgotten British car marques. 
(Hits: 2020 Visit: 784 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2003-12-27)

Alfa Romeo at the KTUD Archive  
Review Rate
An in-depth look at the history of Alfa Romeo 
(Hits: 2068 Visit: 1061 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2003-12-27)



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