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Review Rate
An excellent documentary of Renault concept cars. 
(Hits: 1855 Visit: 752 Rate Num: 2 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 1.00 Date Added: 2003-12-29)

Mario Malagrino  
Review Rate
Homepage of Mario Malagrino, Italian Designer. 
(Hits: 1230 Visit: 0 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2007-01-09)

Concept Car Photos  
Review Rate
Photos of concept cars from the Chicago Auto Show 
(Hits: 1528 Visit: 201 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 8.00 Date Added: 2006-02-02)  
Review Rate
High quality car pictures and wallpapers 
(Hits: 2071 Visit: 91 Rate Num: 3 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 10.00 Date Added: 2006-02-02)

Hybrid Cars, future cars  
Review Rate
Articles and discussions about new car introduced in the market, Future cars and latest news about automobile industry specially hybrid cars 
(Hits: 10319 Visit: 1261 Rate Num: 17 Comments: 1 Rate Ave: 9.18 Date Added: 2004-05-25)

Trasportation Design  
Review Rate
Sketch, rendering, 3d models, and more... 
(Hits: 1435 Visit: 517 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2004-04-22)

Graphicar - Automotive Fine Art  
Review Rate si occupa di dipinti originali, stampe a tiratura limitata e lavori su commissione di automobili classiche e/o sportive. 
(Hits: 2740 Visit: 565 Rate Num: 11 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 8.36 Date Added: 2004-03-30)

Avelate Automotive, Inc  
Review Rate
Cover of Vette Magazine March 2004 
(Hits: 2699 Visit: 593 Rate Num: 6 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 5.33 Date Added: 2004-01-15)

Ford GT90  
Review Rate
Piling triangles on top of triangles--even down to a triangular oil sump and a triangular exhaust--Ford's message is clearly that bulges are for the effete.The inspiration for the GT90 came from the famed GT40 race car, which was built after Ford lost its 
(Hits: 2007 Visit: 800 Rate Num: 1 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 8.00 Date Added: 2003-12-29)

News about Concept Cars  
Review Rate
Concept cars and news 
(Hits: 1518 Visit: 718 Rate Num: 0 Comments: 0 Rate Ave: 0.00 Date Added: 2003-12-27)



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