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CAD Product Reviews

Interactive Design and product review [Review][Rate]  
3D real time realistic rendering 
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Marine and industrial design surfacing [Review][Rate]  
The most advanced 3D surface modeling available... 
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Aslar Vellum Cobalt [Review][Rate]  
Cobalt gives designers, engineers, and inventors a completely integrated set of tools for 2D/3D sketching, concept development, visualization, photo-realistic rendering & precision engineering drawing 
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solidThinking - Advanced NURBS modelling [Review][Rate]  
solidThinking is the 3D modeling and rendering environment delivering all the tools for the creation of high-quality, professional 3D models. 
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ICEM Surf [Review][Rate]  
ICEM Surf is an industry leading application used to create Class A surfaces in advanced modelling for the automotive industry. 
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ICEM Style [Review][Rate]  
ICEM Style is a revolutionary new software package for product styling and design ideation. 
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think3 [Review][Rate]  
A company with a long history and some very fresh ideas Smart services. Superior software. And proven successes. Red glasses think3 is a leading supplier of prthink3 is a leading supplier of product develop 
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DeskArtes [Review][Rate]  
DESKARTES develops and markets 3D Industrial Design software products, Visualization and Communication tools, and value adding software technology for Rapid Prototyping, Simulation, Data Verification 
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SolidWorks [Review][Rate]  
100% focused on product design, SolidWorks Corporation provides a complete selection of best-in-class software and services to help manufacturers get products to market faster. 
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CADMax [Review][Rate]  
CADMAX Solid Master. CAD software with parametric feature-based solid modeling, boolean solid modeling, free-form surface modeling, and 2D drafting for the mid-range of the mechanical CAD market. 
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